Thoughts of Confusion

Sometimes I just don't understand.... why do these things happen that shake me to the core and make me wonder about people... why do I have such an issue with trust that if I don't hear from my man, I automatically assume the worst? Maybe its because the worst has happened to me time and time again. Is this something I have to reiterate to him? Is he just that clueless? Or does he just not care? These are all of my questions... and I have no answer to them and no way to get in touch with him at this moment.

This is why men think we're crazy.


Ms. Invisible said…
1.) I know how it feels to question everything because so many wrong things have happened to you in the past. You are valid for thinking that way, don't think you're crazy for that.

2.) Maybe you need to sit him down and fill him in on what your thoughts were last night you know. You and I both know that sometimes guys are just simply oblivious and need to be sat down and talked to.

3.) I think you're great. Don't let a mans busy schedule make you think you aren't worth it or special enough.

Love you!

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