Kanye West: Jackass

So what? The president called Kanye west a jackass. So ... when is it wrong to speak in truth, whether on the record or off? Quite frankly, thank goodness someone high profile said it (and it doesn't get much higher profile than the president).

Obama said that Kanye is a jackass because guess what: HE IS A JACKASS! Recall the hurricane Katrina telethon. Recall his actions toward paparazzi. I admit, I would probably get pretty ticked off about people constantly taking my picture- but then again if you're famous you must be kind of thankful for that too, because if they weren't taking your picture anymore that means no one cares about you and you must have fallen into obscurity.

I also found his "apology" on Jay Leno very contrived and not sincere at all. The almost fake crying did nothing for me. Maybe he was upset about how his mother would have reacted. However, that doesn't say to me he's any less of an idiot (or as the president said, jackass). He has proven to be a very ignorant racist person.

Racist, you ask? Yes. Kanye West is the kind of person who doesn't help the problem with racism in this country, but makes it worse. He obviously sees color (hence "George Bush doesn't care about black people.") This bothers me. I mean, obviously everyone physically sees color. But many people in the world do not go out of their way to say "I don't care for that person because he/she is black." I admit that there are people who DO. However, I think that those people are not in the majority anymore as they used to be.


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