I have never understood why some people lie. I know that we've all done it- whether its "you look great in that," or "no, your dog isn't annoying," or "your baby is so cute!" However, when it matters... when it really truly matters, why lie?

I'm going to surprise myself with how much I'm going to share- I know already. I was recently in a relationship with a man, and I'm now finding out/realizing that my deepest thoughts may have been true- and that he told me at least more than one lie. What I don't understand about people is do they really think I'm that dumb? And by people I mean do men really think I'm that dumb? Do I look like I can be easily fooled? I'm told I look young, but never dumb. Maybe that's another lie! Who knows?!

The point is this: Men: Don't lie. The woman in your life (whether it be significant other, friend, or even family member) has an undeniable intuition that she may or may not ignore... but the truth always does come out.

Yes- by nature women are curious- as someone once told me "nosy.' Do you want to know why we are? Because we've been hurt before and we're trying to protect ourselves from the lies that many men tend to tell... for no real good reason.

I can handle the truth any day, but to me, there is no reason for a lie.

Al Capone once said that "The only reason you lie is that you are afraid." I think that a lot of times this is true. Maybe you're afraid of what people would really think, how they will react, or maybe you're just afraid to be yourself. I know a lot of time for me, its because I'm afraid of rejection. I've had so much rejection in my life I shouldn't be afraid of it anymore. However, the fear comes from knowing how much the rejection hurts. For those of you who may not know- I try to put up a tough front but I'm pretty sensitive. I take things harder than a lot of people. I've always been sensitive. Ask anyone who I went to elementary school with. I'm sure they'll tell you all sorts of names I was called... and then the name I got when I was made fun of for reacting to those names.

All these things have made me who I am... and I know that everything happens for a reason. The hurt is just so much sometimes.


Deven said…
Sorry things aren't turning out.

Sometimes I surprise myself with how frequently I lie for no reason, when I have nothing to lose. It's something I'm working on.

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