I found out today why the USPS is ineffective and why they constantly change rates. I went to track something I had purchased a while back. I tracked it with the little number the place gave me when bought the item online. I found that it was "in transit," but found the history of the package interesting. It had come from somewhere out of state to go to Wyoming, MI(for those of you who are not familiar-that's basically Grand Rapids). Then from there, it went to Lansing, Mi. From there it said my package was in transit to its final destination.

Now this may not seem that odd, until you look at a map of Michigan and where I am in relation to Grand Rapids and Lansing. I live in Lake Odessa, which is actually about halfway inbetween Grand Rapids and Lansing.
On the map above, both Grand Rapids and Lansing are circled in red. Grand Rapids/Wyoming being the red circle on the left (west) and the other red circle being Lansing. The green circle is where my package is headed for. So why does the USPS feel the need to send it from the huge post office in Grand Rapids to the one in Lansing- only to send it to its final destination in Lake Odessa, which is actually back-tracking?
And we all wonder why postage costs go up every year.


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