How well do you really know your friends?

I was just wondering how well we know the people we call our friends. All day- any day- a single person can have millions of thoughts. So, this leads me to wonder how well we know each other. We think we know each other, but how much do we really know?

Sure- we know things like our closest friends pet peeves, birthdays/anniversaries, middle name, and favorite food. Do we know their deepest fears, personal struggles, thoughts? Do you know if your best friend ever feels lonely, depressed, hopeless? Or do you only hear about the "up" times?

I don't know about you, but for me its more difficult to share when I'm hurting. I love to tell good news- no matter what its about.. whether its a new pair of shoes, a new job, or a new love. However, when I'm hurting, I'm more likely to keep that "news" to myself. It just makes me wonder how much we really conceal from each other when we really shouldn't.

Maybe its just because I live alone and get lonely that I have more time to think than people with kids/extra jobs/etc. I don't know. I don't really think my thoughts are that deep most of the time. I think I'm pretty logical for the most part. But sometimes I get lost in my own head and allow myself to get lost in lonliness and fear rather than in hope and Truth.

Its kind of like when someone asks you how you are and doesn't even wait for you to answer before they walk away. I hate when people do that. If you don't really care to even hear my canned answer, don't bother asking the question. But even more than listening to canned answers, shouldn't we ask the question "How are you really doing?" How are you handling your current situation (whether it be lonliness, family illness, fear, pride... the list goes on).

I just think there are a lot of questions we don't ask each other that need to be asked. Especially if you truly care about your friends and their well-being... ask an extra question or two. Get to know that person a little better... a little deeper. I've never regretted getting to know someone on a deeper level. Never.


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