Whose idea was it to give Rosie O'Donnell a variety show!? Seriously!!! I can't imagine who would want to watch this. Not only can she NOT sing at all (although she still tries), but she's...well, to put it mildly, she's not easy on the eyes.

Not only that, but everyone pretty much knows now that she is an ugly person (inside). She's constantly mean and stirs controversy on purpose. If someone wants to be a lesbian, that's their issue- but don't say people are hate-filled because they don't believe its moral! That's the very hate-mongering that you're supposedly preaching against.

Seriously, I hope this show is cancelled halfway through the first episode. I urge everyone not to watch it! As fun as disasters can be to view, resist!! Do not give that show ratings! It will decrease your IQ by the second!!


N. VanDervort said…
Can I hear an AMEN! Why would any network want to even take a chance on her?
When I saw that she was back on t.v., I had the same thought!! I can NOT stand her attitude. I used to like her when she had her talk show, but when she came on the view I saw what a ugly person she really is. I feel extremely sorry for her kids, b/c you know they are hearing about everything.

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