I'm sorry that I don't have a life. That just means that if you read my blog, you're going to have to read about things that annoy me or basketball.

Well, my team lost last night, so there's not much to talk about there. I do have something I am annoyed about.

I was watching a CMT or GAC and they were playing music videos. The thing that I was annoyed about was a Jessica Simpson video (she's trying to pretend she 'sings' country). What annoys me is when people aren't the best singers, so the whole video is showing (in this case J. Simpson) women/a woman wearing few clothes. This particular video made it very obvious with shots that show her legs with her in subtely provacative positions. At least THEY probably thought it was subtle. There was even a few butt shots. At least they kept her silicone covered. And yes, she does have implants.

It just annoys me that the music industry is like that. I was watching another video the other day(its the one that talks about chasing pavement), and the girl almost looks as if they treated her like a troll hiding her in the back, layered and wearing a long jacket because she's not a size zero.

I'm just so sick of the mediocrity that is settled for musically because someone looks good. Just watch American Idol. The more attractive contestants last longer. Its not about the music. Its about looks. It should be called the looks industry, not the music industry.


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