I am praying for a miracle.

I am praying for a miracle because I am voting for John McCain. I was listening to a radio show this morning and was ASTOUNDED by some of the ignorant reasons people are voting for Obama (or AGAINST McCain). One person said McCain was a "Nazi" and another said don't vote for him because he's old and bald. Good reasons to vote for the leader of one of the most powerful countries in the world.

McCain is not a Nazi. McCain is older than Obama, I'll admit that. But Ronald Reagan was older when he went into office and he survived just fine. Not only that, but he is one of the greatest presidents we've ever had.

I know McCain said it, but he is not George Bush. Does anyone remember when the Republicans didn't want him as a nominee because he wasn't conservative enough? Anyone? He is more middle of the road and even reaching across the aisle than any of the candidates (including the primaries) that have run.

Barack is known as one of the most Liberal of his Party. I don't care about William Ayers right now. Look at some of the things his long time pastor said while Barack sat in a pew and listened. He ONLY distanced himself after he realized that he had a shot for the presidency.

I have heard Barack's wife is a racist (against white people) but I haven't researched that. I know its possible. For those of you who think the definition of racism includes "Against 'black' people," you are wrong. Just check out some of the things Lauren Hill has said in the past. She HATES white people (or at least used to).

People look down at John McCain for voting with President Bush too much. Barack hasn't even reached across the aisle. He has voted with his party 97 % of the time! How does he think that he is going to some great uniter?

Experience. Something we should all want in a candidate. There is no doubt that John McCain has more experience than Obama. Let's forget about the Muslim background that Obama has (although he says he is not Muslim, whether you want to admit it or not, he DOES have a Muslim background). Let's forget the fact that he's half black- because to me that doesn't even matter. I'd vote for Colin Powell. However, the fact that Barack Obama is so inexperienced scares me.

People, stop using Sarah Palin as a reason to vote "against" McCain. She does have the most executive experience of all the candidates (VP and Pres). Yes, she got off to a bad start, and made herself look bad. However, we've gotten a few laughs out of it (thanks SNL).

People think because of McCain's age that means he must be destined to die any second. Look at Cheney! He lasted 8 years and he has serious heart problems! McCain will be fine. Don't use his age as a reason to not vote for him because you think Sarah Palin is an idiot. You forget that anything the president wants to do has to be approved by congress. Remember Congress? Checks and balances?

That leads me to my last point. I do not want to see a fully Democratic (as in the party) presidency and congress. There are no checks and balances there! Plus the most liberal person of the democrats in the office? There needs to be a balance. And John McCain is the perfect person who reaches across party lines and gets things accomplished for this country... NOT just working with Republicans. Distancing himself from Bush. NO he is not Bush, and just because people run as Republicans doesn't mean all Republicans are the same.

So before you go out and vote, educate yourself. Take a few minutes and look at what is True, real, and what the country needs. It needs someone who can work with both parties and get things done. Not just work for the Democratic Agenda. We need someone who will look out for what's best for all of us.


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