I absolutely had to write something about this, because a few of you who read it will want to die when you read this story.

So, here it goes:

Today at work, one of the supervisors was making fun of a guy's taste in music, because she apparently looked through his I-pod playlist. She said she didn't know any of it, so it sucked. I added my two cents saying "this coming from the girl who bought the latest Britney Spears CD." She responded by saying "That just means I'm more cultured musically than some people." I almost vomited immediately. I had to restrain myself, because-well, she's a supervisor and because I knew no matter what I said would go over most of their heads anyway.

Since when is Britney Spears considered any sort of musical culture!? Who says to themself, "I need some culture today. I think I'll listen to "hit me baby one more time." Ugh- the thought that those words came out of her mouth in that order disgusts me! Don't get me wrong, I like the girl that said it, but hate the ignorance behind it.

After this happened another guy I work with said something like this "pop music in general is anti-cultural, because it is made to be dispensable." I agree. There is little musical depth to aforementioned pop music. That is one of the things I really hate. And don't get me started on the mediocrity of most of it!!! This post would never end!


Deven said…
That just cracks me up and makes me cry all at the same time. Where do these crazy people come from?? :)
Amanda said…
Ugh, I want to vomit now too. Why are people so dumb? Okay and this is really random, but Michael brought home this software from work last week and they had put a post-it note on it with his name on it...but for some reason somebody had written "Faz" in really big letters on the bottom of the note, then someone else wrote his full name above that. So...the post-it ended up saying "Michael Faz Faz." I about peed my pants. And no one but you, me, and Michael would find that funny.

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