I only watched part of the debate last night and portions of it irritated me. Here's why:

People who support national health care don't realize a few things. Number one: the money has to come from somewhere. The nations that have national healthcare now pay higher taxes than we do, because one day there's not going to be a magical solution to make healthcare free. If there is a national healthcare plan that goes into effect, you WILL pay higher taxes to pay for it, because the government is NOT going to foot the bill.

Next, I've known some people who have lived in countries that have national healthcare and I have not always heard good things about it. I've heard it could take a very long time to get into the doctor for a routine visit, among other things.

Also, I don't know about you, but I'd prefer to have the government less involved in my life rather than more. I like the idea that I can choose my healthcare plan, and I can choose whether or not to have a healthcare plan,

Perhaps instead of focusing on national healthcare or other issues, we should focus on education. Why do people not have health insurance? Because they don't have a job, usually. Why can these people not find a job? Because they have no education(or little). Believe me, I've seen it first hand. My sister's boyfriend has been trying to find a job and can't find one at all. This is because he doesn't have a high school diploma. I suggested instead of killing himself trying to find a job for a little while, that he should work on his GED. That will increase his hiring potential, although unfortunately not much anymore. A college degree has now become what was once a high school diploma.

I know this because when I got laid off from a previous job, I couldn't find a job for six months and I have a bachelor's degree. And even though I have a bachelor's degree now, and I'm smart and have many skills, on paper I don't have enough experience for a lot of jobs. And with the economy the way it is now, it seems any jobs one applies for is being applied for my at least 100 others that may have more experience (or education).

So anyway, I know that we need people to be working some of the lower paying jobs in the country, but the reality is that the more education one has, the better chance they have of getting a quality job, and not sponging off the government the rest of their lives. Don't get me started on that. There are waaaay to many people who do nothing and are supported by the government, never even attempting to find a job, and that just infuriates me even more because I work my butt off, and I can barely afford to drive to the job I work my butt off at!


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