I am pretty much sick of people. This is why:

A while back, we were in a meeting at work, and we all had to go around and say something about ourselves that most people don't know. One girl said she worked at a Chinese Restaurant for a day. I commented by saying "You didn't see any cats wandering around in the back, did you?" And I got talked to-- saying that It was a racist comment. When I asked my supervisor if that comment was racist, she said "I don't know, is it?"

Now yesterday I was telling a guy that sit next to me about this Jim Gaffigan bit where he says that you could say "I'd like to talk to you about Jesus" to the Pope and he'd say "Easy freak, I keep my work at work." And I got approached asking if I had made jokes about the Pope.

I am just so fed up! Why are people so uptight? I mean, I'm a Believer and I still am able to have a sense of humor!

I really hope I get one of the positions I'm interviewing for, because I can't take it in this department much longer. OH- Did I mention I had an interview friday and two more this week? In the same company, just other places. All pay more, and all seem like they could be very fun and exciting.

P.S. I didn't place in the karaoke contest because I didn't play air guitar or act like an idiot on stage. Whatever. I will not use "tricks" to convince people I am good. A lot of people got screwed in the contest. Such is life.


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