Hey "Barney Fife," Mind your own business. I can handle overtime. I can handle the pay. I can handle anything. I worked for Bankers life and Casualty and didn't get paid for three months straight while working, so I can handle anything. I know others who are reps for Foremost and Farmers and NO I will not visit that dumb website. I am a single person with no kids, no ties, I can do whatever I want and don't need the advise of people who can't even use their real name.

And how does one not get ANY overtime and yet still work 60 hours a week? Hmm... that's a head-scratcher.

Since my last post, I also applied for a position in Gainsville, FL and in North Carolina.

Did I mention they pay relocation expenses? Rock on.


Amanda said…
lol you are cracking me up. Okay, okay, sorry. There I read your blog! I've been busy. I will just comment on like all four of the last posts all at once, I guess. The flowers are gorgeous...and any guy who brings flowers get a bonus 10 points and is worth a second date! If you get the job in Indy, that would be awesome...but you do realize that Indy is still like 2.5 hours away, right? LOL. But you'd be in the same state...so...bonus. And seriously, what the heck is up with random people leaving blog comments? Some random dude I have never heard of in my life left a comment on my blog about the trip to the Museum of Science & Industry and I was like...who ARE you????
Hummel Family said…
Hey lady! You still keep me laughing like crazy! I sure do miss you.

My friend, Marcia added a comment after yours today. Maybe it will help you out a bit. She is in the process of starting her own blog! I will be sure to let you know when she gets it up and going.

Have a great weekend.

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