Possibly coming to a catastrophe near you: ME!

I applied for a job today in Indianapolis with Farmers Insurance (they own Foremost, whom I work for now). I'm super excited. Its for a claim representative position, and I jumped at the chance to apply. I have been hesitant to think about moving away since my mom has been ill, but things are going better for her lately and I also figured its not that far away. Plus, I'm single, so I might as well take a chance like this if it comes along! I mean, its not so far fetched... I was looking at jobs in the United Kingdom yesterday with our other parent company!

So, don't get too excited yet (Amanda Faz)- but I'm really hopeful. Not only would I be moving closer to lots of friends (who may or may not need babysitters someday and whose kids like dogs)... I'm stoked. Trying not to be too excited, because I just applied, so its not like I've been offered the job yet.

There would also be a 2 week training in Cali! Woo hoo!


Mick said…
Please take some time before you consider working for Farmers Insurance, especially as a claims representative. I suggest you check out before you make a decision. You'll find countless stories of people who tried to make an honoest living with Farmers only to be assigned more work than you can accomplish WITHOUT overtime. You'll be working a minimum of 60 hours a week just trying to keep your head above water. Don't make the same mistake I did and countless others. Good luck with your job search.
Barney Fife
Deven said…
Snort. That makes me laugh.

And I would totally support a move to Indiana. :)

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