No new news on my mom as of yet. We find out more in a few weeks... hopefully when he transplant will take place and everything.

We had a good thanksgiving. Mom was so hungry and ready to chow down! She ate quite a bit (for what she has been able to eat lately). Then at around 5 pm ish she started feeling crumby. I guess every day its similar. She feels good in the morning and most of the day until about that time. She gets really nauseated and just feels awful.

So Hopefully all of this transplant business will cure all of that!

Nothing really exciting is happening in my life. I had a short week this week and I was glad! I just get so frustrated at work sometimes. Not because of the job at all- because of certain people I have to work with. I don't really want to go into it any deeper than that.

I watched Isaak tonight for my sister while she was at work (actually, I still am for about five more minutes). He's such a good baby- even when he's sick. He's got that crumby cold that I have had that just doesn't seem to go away. He's in his crib now. He goes to bed so easily that I can't believe it as I think about it right now. However, watching him cures me of wanting any babies right away, that's for sure.

Not that its really a thought for anytime soon( I admit, my biological clock has kicked in- but the first step is finding someone thats not a complete idiot to marry). Yes, I have to admit, that's probably what its coming down to these days. Just trying to find someone who isn't a complete moron to even consider dating. Baby steps.


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