PRAISE GOD! They found a match for my mom's bone marrow transplant. My youngest aunt (my mom's sister) Kellie is a match. It is such a blessing, and I see God's hand in this whole thing- because she is the only one eligible who hasn't had children. They say having kids changes the marrow, and she's been trying since she's been married with no "luck."

Maybe now God can work some more and she will get pregnant after she does the transplant!

Thank you for all your prayer support and encouragement! I couldn't be happier today!


Deven said…
THAT'S GREAT!!!! I need to do a post, but they fitted Nate with an electronic voice box so I talked to him for the first time in a month. We've both had great news. :)
Oh kristen! That is awesome!!! I am so happy for you guys!!!!

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