Please keep my family in your prayers. Four of my mom's siblings were tested to see if they're a match for bone marrow and none of them are a match. There are only two left- then me and my siblings.

To be quite honest, I'm terrified that I will have to be the donor. Thats scary stuff to me. I mean, of course I would do it, but honestly it is absolutely a frightening thought for me.

Just keep us all in your prayers that we will find a donor, and that the match won't freak out!


Always remember...God is in control. He will work this out! Still praying....
Joe & Cindy said…
Thanks for posting about your mom Kristen. I try to look every once in a while to see how things are going. We will definitely continue to pray for your mom and your family.
sara jean said…
Kristen, I will be praying for you and family today, please try to rest in God's grace. much love, sarajena

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