As a matter of what might be called happenstance, I am in the middle of a big mess right now. It is not easy for me, and I am having a really hard time with it. It has to do mostly with two females I know who are not on the best of terms right now. I have been placed inadvertently in the middle and now am being accused of things myself - which I really do not appreciate.

It kinda makes me feel like a kid with the divorced parents trying to turn the child against the other parent... only its a little different.

Its hard for me to be objective, because of some other circumstances, but this is something my life really didn't need right now. I was just starting to feel good- and seemingly have found a possible new church family... and now I'm just worn out... all since Sunday! That is crazy!

Sometimes I wish I could just do what my best friend wants me to do and move to Indiana! But running away would not solve the problem- even though its not even my problem. It would probably just leave others out to dry, and I could never do that to someone.

I miss the simple days of IWU sometimes. I had my friends, I knew who they were, and I rarely got into arguements with them (and If I did, they lasted about 2.5 seconds). I LONG for friendships like that here... not friendships with people who seemingly cannot be trusted, or friendships that have alterior motives. Those ones are not high on my priority list.

Keep me in your prayers. My mom seems to be doing better on a better and more satisfactory note.


Amanda said…
I totally understand what you mean about moving feeling like "running away." I guess there's no way to word this without sounding like I think we're awesome or better than everyone else, but I think part of the easy friendships at school was due to the fact that we were (and hopefully still are!) all Christians. We didn't fight or hold grudges or act petty because that's not the Christ-like way to act. And just being real honest here, I will be the first to say it was much easier for me to be a Christian when I was at school and surrounded by like-minded people. Now, working in the "real world" and being constantly surrounded by non-believers, it is much harder to live the way I know I'm supposed to live. Anyway, what I'm saying is, friendships get much more complicated when you are dealing with non-Christians. Now, am I saying we shouldn't be friends with non-Christians? Absolutely not. We need to be there and be that witness in the midst of the darkness. However, when we get dragged into their games, it gets ugly fast. Maybe a clean break is just what's needed here. A chance to regroup and get your bearings again. Okay, those are my deep thoughts for the day!!!

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