I am not feeling so well lately... keep me in your prayers.

My mom is hopefully coming home this week. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing. The house is a disaster ( I stopped there today), and I hope the person whom made it that way with clean it up BEFORE she comes home. That house would be so much cleaner if one specific person didn't mess it up with a bunch of crap.

Anyway, what I was saying.. I'm just not doing well emotionally. Its way too long of a story but I am just not feeling well about my life in general at this moment. Hopefully its just hormones or something- but I really do know its more. And I loathe that.


Kristen--hang in there!! Things always work out according to His plan. So many times we don't understand -- but in hindsight it makes sense. Be encouraged. Keep your eyes on Him...
Andrea said…
Love ya girl!
josh garlow said…
Yes. Krisen. Hang in there.

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