Baby News:
No, I'm not with child!

The news is on my sister's baby (my soon-to-be nephew). They are going to enduce her so that she has the baby before the new year. The doctor is wanting to make sure that the baby is getting enough nutrition, so they want to get the baby out. This is about 3 weeks earlier than her due date, so I'm just praying everything goes okay!

As for me...

Things are ... confusing. I'm still job-hunting... and confused on my relationship status. I have been seeing this guy for a while and he's going through some hard times right now... but I guess I'm just confused about where that leaves us. I'm not sure... and its scary.


We'll keep praying for you. have you thought about substiute teaching, maybe a music teacher's long time sub?
Amanda said…
Bah - you're going to be an aunt soon! Woohoo! You'll have to let me know what happens. I'll keep you posted on my situation too. I'll know in another week if you'll be an aunt again soon.

Sorry that the job hunt isn't going well. I pray the right thing comes along soon.
Heather said…
just thinking of you today... hope all is well!!!

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