I am very upset right now. I helped with a fundraiser today, which actually went very well. That's not the reason I am upset. Afterwards, we cleaned up and hung out for a while. The place we had the function at was a bar. Well, I was sitting talking to a friend about this guy that I've been seeing recently. Well, his ex showed up. Well, she knows very well through her gossipping best friend that I've been seeing him. Well for an extended period of time, she sat there and bad mouthed him. I was disgusted. Not only did she bad mouth him, she made a few indirect insults towards me. I'm not just upset because she was being rude and ridiculous and gossipping, but he has never once said a negative word about anyone- especially her. He has let on that maybe the reason it didn't work out was something to do with her, but I never asked about details, because its not really any of my business at this point.

However, I had to fight not to confront this evil woman. I was so upset that I still am trying to control my emotions. I really was upset too, because another woman joined in telling her all sorts of information about him, and she always acts very friendly toward him when he's around and goes out of her way to talk to him. But then I notice that when he's not around, she's joining in the same horrible behavior? That is completely unacceptable and its not going to fly with me. I don't play those jr. high games anymore... and I figured all of that immature ridiculous behavior was over in ... well junior high! I know that if I hear anything else from these people, that my conscience will force me to confront them on their absolutely unacceptable behavior. It probably won't change them, but maybe... just maybe it will get them to think for a second about how they would feel if that was happening to them.

Maybe I'm just to sensitive. Or maybe its because this guy I'm referencing and I have gotten closer recently. I can't really say... but my heart breaks for his situation and the fact that he has associated with such people in the past. I can only hope that I can bring a light to the situation and help in some way. I am just so heartbroken right now about the whole thing. It really upsets me that there is such darkness in some people's hearts. I really feel bad for them, and I pray I never become like that.


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