Why do my friends from work constantly try to morify me? Its like Stephanie and Jim think that no one else can hear us when we're talking. That's redonkulous! I got that word from Jasmine. I need to call her by the way... her and Anthony went on a cruise last week. LUCKY!

I'm lucky enough to be riding with Stephanie on Thursday! I love XM Radio... oh yeah, and Stephanie too... she's pretty cool.

I don't even know why I still write in this thing anymore... no one really reads it, even when my life does get a little bit exciting.

Well, I think I'm about ready to go home. I've been wasting time in here in the computer room for a good half hour now, and everyone probably thinks I'm actually working.... no- e-mail and blogging does not count as work... DANG IT!

I'm boring today. Sorry folks. GO PISTONS!


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