If anyone out there wants to (out of the kindness of their own heart) give me Pistons tickets... that'd be cool.

So work is interesting. However, I must say that this friday is going to rock because we're having a Movie Night with "the cool kids" at work and its gonna rock.

I did think of one thing... in Michigan, you'd think that people would understand how to drive when it is nasty out (since we have what seems like 6 months of winter here). I saw like 47 cars on the side of the road today on the way to work. People are douchebags.... but its not really a bag so you know.

Oh, and now that a guy that I work with who is known as the sped by some of the meaner people in the office is a frickin' freak. He responded to someone asking if we were married by saying "I wish," and it almost made me vomit right in the client's home. He is repulsive. Not just because of the fact that he's completely socially inept, but by the fact that he doesn't have the best personal hygiene and he wears suspenders. That's gross. Eeew. And riding with him sucks because he's like the worst driver in the world. There was clearly a sheet of ice on the ground everywhere the other day and he was taking corners at 30 miles per hour. It was out of control. I thought I was going to die.

Now, because of being forced to ride with "The Sped," I am constantly ridiculed by the people on my team. They suck. I told them there wasn't enough tequila in the world. Jim called me out on it. Seriously, there isn't.


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