Monday, February 23, 2009

Well, I had a very eventful weekend... okay I lied: I didn't.

The main "excitement" of my weekend was this: going to my sister's and watching a movie while doing my laundry and hanging out with her and Isaak. The rest of the weekend I left my apartment once to go get doritos to put in the massive batch of taco salad I made.

So yeah.. the rest of the weekend was spent mourning the sad attempts of the Pistons and watching the second season of Friends on DVD.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

This is one of the latest pictures of my dog. This was taken when we were at my sister's. He loves peeking over the side and back of that couch! He's so cute!!!!!!

Sorry about the gross pictures! I just want to inform everyone... not trying to over-share! They turned out dark on this computer compared to on my phone, so I'm not sure whether its just the settings on the computer or what. Sorry about that.

The signs of bed bugs from what I understand are that they are usually contained to a certain area. For instance, mine started on my armpits. I sleep on my stomach, so most of them were on the front of my body. They are very itchy. They don't exactly look like flea or mosquito bites, but everyone does react differently.

The best way to protect yourself from them is to get a fully encased zipped hypo-allergenic mattress cover. I paid about $60 bucks for mine at target, and it was microfiber. Its really nice and I'm glad I was kinda forced to buy it.
They are good at hiding, so if you suspect them, you need to vaccum EVERYTHING. INSIDE everything, under everything, around... etc. They can go for months without feeding so the best way they say is to get a fully encased mattress cover to trap and kill them over time.
There are other products you can get online that kill them instantly or over time, but you may not need them if its not too bad of an "Infestation.
On another note, DEVEN- I wasn't implying that I thought your house was a mess for sure. Haha. I was just recalling our room back on freshman year. It was always... "interesting." Anyway, you have a reason for your house to be a little messy- you have kids! Me- not so much. Couldn't really blame many messes on the dog or cat.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So the mystery of the "rash" has been discovered. At least I think so. I'm pretty sure they were some sort of bites.

I have cleaned my room, purchased at $60 fully encased zipped mattress cover, and cleaned again.. vaccumming ever possible crevice in and around my bed.

I did this because after much research on the internet, I thought that I might have somehow gotten bed bugs.

Contrary to much belief, this is not due to bad hygeine. I clean a lot actually (Believe it or not Deven). I like my apartment to be free of clutter and mess. However, i did have some things under my bed where I found one insect that was dead I believe was a bed bug. It was just a decorative box, but its made of wood and they apparently love wood. It got into the crack and must have been hiding in there. They get in from luggage or even clothing. One could have crawled on my dog and made a home in my apartment basically overnight. This started last Monday. That's when I got bitten all up and freaked because I thought it was some sort of weird rash because they were all in the same place. Apparently this is one of the trademarks of bed bug bites.

I also killed a spider in the cleaning process (a really big black one that was on the ceiling). I believe that may have bitten me (at least once on my hand).

Well, the point is, when you travel please, please be careful what you bring home. Apparently bed bugs are more common in hotels and they like to travel in luggage. I never had the problem in college as much as I traveled, but we did rarely stay in hotels. So, when you travel, vaccum out your luggage, inside and out. Then if you have a bag to your vaccum, take it out and get rid of it, just in case. You do NOT want to wake up with what I did.

I will try to post pictures later so you (especially you parents) can know what kind of thing to look for on your kids.

Thanks for still loving me and not thinking I'm gross!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Poor Whitney Houston. Maybe I shouldn't say "poor" her. She has made choices in her life that have made her only a shell of what she used to be. I watched a You Tube Video of her pre-Grammy Performance last night. It was not impressive. Her voice is nothing like what it used to be... mostly likely from using drugs and living a hard life, probably mostly due to getting involved with Bobby Brown.

If you are interested, go and check it out. I have been inspired recently to practice some of her songs to do at karaoke again. How fun. I do love a challenge!

Friday, February 06, 2009

I'm sure Katrina Darrell is really busy GOOGLING herself, so Hopefully she reads this!

Let's Start with this article:

In case there were any lingering doubts, Ryan Seacrest made it clear on his KIIS morning show Thursday that he's just not that into Bikini Girl.

If you've been living in a cave and have not heard of Bikini Girl, let us recap: She's the Chino Hills 20-year-old model who wore a bikini to her "American Idol" audition, landing the support of judges Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson and causing the consternation of Paula Abdul and Kara DioGuardi. She also declared that she had a mad crush on Seacrest and forced him to kiss her, even though it was clear he didn't want to.

Katrina Darrell is her name. And she was booted out during Wednesday's Hollywood rounds after she chose sleeping over rehearsing and drama ensued.

On Thursday, Seacrest kicked off a phone chat with her by letting her know that she's "very polarizing."

"There are a lot of women who wouldn’t get along with you and didn’t on the show and didn’t as viewers," he said. "And there are some that believe it or not, actually understand you."

Her response? "I know. It’s crazy. A lot of girls are haters."

That might be true, but Seacrest reminded her that she "created a lot of drama" to get women to this place of "loathing you" and then called her a "bad sport" for not wanting to hug her group members on stage.

Darrell explained that her group mates "threw me under a bus" and that she went to sleep because her feet and back hurt.

"But, Katrina, this is the shot of a lifetime. Who cares if your feet hurt?" shot back the host who has never turned his back on an opportunity.

Then Seacrest brought up the K-word. As in judge Kara, who has twice called Darrell a word that rhymes with witch on camera. Darrell acknowledged she felt the tension from the beginning.

"That’s another thing, too. Oh, I think you’re a beautiful girl, and I like your derriere. And then as soon as I walk out, “She’s a [that naughty word].” You know what I mean?"

Seacrest seemed empathetic at that point. Then he brought up something else DioGuardi had said to Darrell: "Next time bring your pole.”

I am not a stripper," Darrell responded. "I do have a stripper pole in my room. But that’s only for fitness. It’s not for any other reason. So don’t get it twisted."

"It's to tighten your core. I understand," Seacrest replied. "So she was kind of accurate?"

Darrell agreed it was time for her to leave "Idol" and that she wants a career as a singer and Victoria's Secret model.

Asked if in hindsight the bikini was a good idea, she replied: "In a sense, I shouldn’t have worn the bikini, but I’m a risk taker and I think you should live every day like it’s our last. And it was 110 degrees in Phoenix, and I wanted a chance."

Seacrest then gave her an opportunity for some parting words to judges, contestants or fans. To DioGuardi, Darrell said: "Hopefully we can become better friends in the future, but if you continue to hate."

That's where the thought finished.

She also wanted to know one thing from Seacrest: "When are we gonna make out again?"

"It's still against the rules," he said.

— Maria Elena Fernandez

I hated the bikini girl from the beginning. Not because she was thin, and "pretty," or anything. I hated her because she thought she looked Waaaaay better than she did, she thought she could actually sing and she sucked, AND because the only reason she even got to the Hollywood round was simply because she wore a bikini, not because of any talent she had.

Lets face it, the girl is a surfboard. SHe's not going to be a Victoria's secret model. When is the last time you saw a Victoria's secret model that looked like her? And by "Like her" I mean, like a skank.

And I'm sorry, but you do not have a stipper pole IN YOUR BEDROOM for only fitness. Come on. How dumb does she think we are? WE are certainly a whole lot smarter than she is!

And I'm really shocked that she's looking into playboy(sarcasm). No, really?! You mean she didn't really want to me the American Idol?! That is shocking. She stayed in bed instead of practicing, and then screwed her group over by trying to perform with them anyway. She deserved to be "thrown under the bus." They told the truth. She thought she wanted to look cute so she wore some stupid heels that her sugar daddy probably bought for her and had sore feet. Big deal!!!!! I would do anything for that opportunity!

Oh one more thing, that one girl with the annoying laugh is fake and needs to be thrown off. She's not as good as she thinks she is either.
Question: IF said rash/bumps are/is a yeast infection on the skin, how does one get rid of it? I've only ever really heard of the other kind of yeast infections and know that there are treatments you can get over the counter. But if it is on my skin, what do I do to get rid of it faster?

(-Thanks Deven's mom, aka Pam)

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I have a strange rash/ itchy red bumps taking over my body!!!!

I thought it was from a medication, but the doctor isn't sure. They say its probably an allergic reaction. I haven't changed laundry soaps or anything so I'm a little concerned. It started around my under arms and upper chest and has gradually worked its way south.

Does anyone have an idea of what it might be? I'd go to the doctor if my high deductible insurance covered it!