I have used 319 out of my over 6000 minutes allowed on my cell phone plan for this month. The 6000 includes rollover minutes. However... I have sent & received over 4000 text messages. This may be out of control. I've gotten to the point where I almost hate talking on the phone. So many times there are what seem like awkward pauses and I don't like that. You don't have to really worry about that with texting. Plus, you can send a quick text at work.

Part of the 4000 I must say are from my sister. She doesn't currently have a phone, so she texts me through yahoo messenger. We do this quite a bit... so don't think I'm too out of control. Also, I tend not to abbreviate "you" to "u" or "are" to "r." I'm not a prepubescent girl, after all!


Deven said…
HILARIOUS! I think the same thing when I'm "txting" someone.

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