I hope not to offend any of my friends by what I am about to write.

After the vice presidential debate and the events following, I have decided that the people who still are undecided are morons.

People focus on the wrong thing when it comes to elections. They need to focus on the issues. The economy, education, yes even Iraq. Things like abortion and gun-control don't really matter because they aren't as important as the aforementioned issues in the US right now.

People that just want the Iraq war to be over are naive to say the least. They don't understand that even if we do just pull out and let them do their own thing that when it goes into the crapper, we(as a country) will be blamed for that too. The country needs to be stable before we take our men out of that country and stop helping them.

As for Palin and her supposed lack of experience.... does anyone realize that she actually has more executive experience than all the other candidates? She's the only one who has served in that way. Is it because she's a woman that it doesn't seem to matter? Is it because she speaks in a certain manner that people can't get past it?

Don't get me wrong. I'm no liberal feminist by any means. I am almost as far from a feminist as I could get. However, I do believe that a woman of authority should be respected and treated as an equal rather than treated as though she should allow herself to be railroaded by men.

I heard one "undecided" woman say that Palin's mannerisms at the debate were "disrespectful." No doubt this is a woman who won't ever make eye contact with a man or talk back to a man because that's the way women "should" act.

The reason undecided voters are idiots is this: There are approximately 30 days until election day. And how long have the campaigns been going on? A LOT LONGER THAN THAT! People who are undecided are either lying to themselves, or are just plain ignorant. Maybe those people just shouldn't vote if they can't get their heads out of you-know-where.


N. VanDervort said…
Hello . . . maybe you should have been the one pulling me to college Republican meetings!

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