Last night while watching the debate, I became more irritated than Tom Brokaw. So here I go again...

So, I'm not sure if I'm just hearing things or what. Obama said something about our nation having a surplus when George W. was elected into office. In the next breath, he said what our deficit was at the time. How is that possible? How do we have a surplus and a deficit at the same time? Perhaps I misheard him....

I also like to weatherize my home. Its winterize I believe...

He also said that 9/11 was the reason for Iraq. Now, I do believe that Saddam was one of the people who helped Al Queda by giving them money. However, Iraq was a totally different story from 9/11. Yes, I could get into the whole WMD discussion but we all know we didn't find them (doesn't mean they weren't there at some point). Saddam Hussein was a horrible dictator. Some of the things that he and his sons did were beyond atrocious. They were horrible men who deserved their end, in my opinion. And I think the world is better off without Saddam Hussein. Now, yes Iraq does still have its problems. Does anyone recall history? Did our country get its independence and then have just smooth sailing along the way? No-there were some wars that occured. Remember the American Civil War? I mean, obviously you don't remember it because you weren't there.... but I think I'd be safe to say that a lot of the time when a country gains independence that there will be civil unrest. Iraq is no different. However, if we pull out and they all decide to kill each other, we will be blamed for that.

I recall a point in the debate where Obama said that he would go after Pakistan. Then after a response from McCain he said he wouldn't go after them (militarily). I'm confused... someone please make up the Senator's mind for him.

I also would like to know how Obama thinks he can rationalize and talk with leaders of places like North Korea (sorry, I'm not exactly sure how to spell Kim Jung Il) and Iran. These people are ridiculously unstable and impossible to bargain with. Sanctions don't work. Sorry to say. The UN is a joke. You can't sit down with these dictators without preconditions and expect it to go well.

Can someone explain to me why Obama is telling us we need to give money to countries like Lativa? Complain about the deficit and then tell us we should give monetary support to these formerly Russian Countries... that's not talking out of both sides of your mouth at all!

Okay. So, people were freaking out because McCain said to an observer named Oliver that he had probably never heard of Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac before the past few weeks. This was NOT a racist comment. I'm sorry, but saying that its a racist comment or meant in a negative way proves that the people who said it are the ones who are racist. MOST of the nation hadn't heard of Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac before the past few weeks. He wasn't just saying that Oliver hadn't heard of them because he's black and he obviously hasn't heard of them (sarcasm). He was saying that as a generalization... most of the middle class probably hadn't heard of them. That's what he meant.

I also have to say that I loved... LOVED what McCain said about not disclosing strategies to other countries/enemies. FINALLY! Someone who understands! You don't go after a country diplomatically or militarily and beforehand tell them what strategy you are going to use. Obama says he "understands" the way things work... he obviously doesn't... he mapped out his strategy.


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