There has been a lot of talk now here in Michigan about what the Pistons should do next to be able to at least make it to the NBA finals again, and hopefully win a championship. People are saying trade him, him blah blah. Yeah, I think there are some players that maybe the pistons don't need (all bench players- Juan Dixon, Hermann, etc)... however, I'm thinking that there is something better that they could do.

GET AVERY JOHNSON as head coach. The pistons need someone that commands respect from them. I'm not quite sure anymore if Flip does that. He's a great coach, has a great offensive mind, but just maybe... maybe the Pistons need someone to motivate them. In case you've heard any other "experts" throw this out (which I haven't yet-) I have proof that I thought of this weeks ago. Just ask my friend Mario. Okay- so he's not here. But I'm just saying! I said it before anyone else!

Come on Joe D- Whatta ya gonna do?


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