I'm giving up on men, I think.

Maybe it is my lot in life to be eternally single and lonely. I have a lot of alleged friends, but never get to see them or never have anyone to hang out with. They are all too busy for me. I have my dog. He's never too busy for me.

However- I am fed up with men treating me like shit (sorry about the verbage, but I'm really pissed right now)! I can't take it anymore.

For instance, why would (repeatedly) I have men act interested in me, only to have them just abandon me at the last minute. Its the story of my life and I'm sick of it.

I wish I could say I'd rather be alone... but I hate it. I hate being alone, I hate living far away from some of the best friends I've ever know, and I hate that I don't have someone to come home to. That's just be being honest. I hate it that men think that THEY are the catch, and that I'm not a treasure.

I'm just venting. I went for a walk and forgot even where I was so I guess I'm done.


Amanda said…
See, I told you that you need to move to Fort Wayne. One problem solved - you won't be far away from your bestest friend! I'm sure there are men that are a-holes here too, but at least it would be a fresh gene pool. I'm not sure where the closest karaoke bar is, but I'm sure we could figure that out. Hey, I gotta keep trying!!
Kristen, I felt this way too not so long ago (right before I met my huband)! I've noticed amongst my single friends (and myself from when I was single)is that we put ourselves out there too much. We are at the gentleman's beck and call. After seeing friends get hurt time and time again, it hit me that acting like that is what drives men away. They want someone who they know is there, but is not waiting on them to call every minute, or hanging on every last word. Women don't have to be rude, but we don't have to make ourselves so openly "available" all the time.

You wrote the way I used to feel about dating/men. So, I hope this helps. Keep your chin up! :)

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