So this past weekend was a long one. I mean LONG!
Anyway, Saturday I had to attend open houses (as well as help with) for both my brother and sister. It was wild. Mom got out of the hospital last Thursday, so she got to be there and everything. It was good, and everything ran smoothly for the most part, but it was a long day.
Afterward, I went to a "Mardi Gras" party, and it was fun. My mask is awesome and I made it myself. I am very proud of it, but I'm not sure I got many pictures of it.
Then Sunday, my Aunt Jo gave me two tickets for the AT & T VIP Section at Birthday Bash (for you out of staters, that's a free concert they give every year for the huge country station here). I got to see Whiskey Falls, Bombshel, Clint Black, and Josh Turner. There was another band and my mind totally blanked, but they were sooo good and I feel bad for forgetting the name. I'll remember it when it doesn't matter anymore.
Anyway, it was soooo good. And it was such a relief to actually go to a concert and the people not only put on a show, but can sing in real life! I hate when you hear that bands or artists totally suck live because they can't sing without help from a computer. I am in love with Josh Turner's voice. I can't say I'm in love with him, because I'm not, and he's married, but he is incredible.
I also got to see up close an personal, the Girls from Bombshel and Sara Evans, thanks to the VIP status. It was cool, but I didn't take a camera so I have no pictures, but I do have a sunburn to prove I was there all day!
Anyway, this weekend was exhausting, but good... I have some amends to make now, so I should go and do that!


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