Okay.. first and most importantly, I wanted to mention that a family friend of mine went in for a double mastectomy yesterday. Readers Digest version of the story is: She had breast cancer about 7 years ago, found more lumps recently, and is going to do this so she never has to worry about it coming back. She will also be having reconstruction surgery, and the process is going to take six months. I'm mostly just asking for prayers for her and her family. Her name is Dar.

Something else crazy about that whole thing that just amazes me is this: She was telling me all about what she has to do, and she has all sorts of choices to make. As if the decision to have both breasts removed wasn't enough of a huge choice. She gets to pick the shape of her new breast, whether she gets saline or silicone, and even the color of her areola. It just seems so crazy to me. Its like shopping for body parts. I guess I just don't get it. And for those of you who may be thinking the same question that someone else asked me: NO she's not going any bigger. She happy with the way things were in the first place, and is staying with her original size.

Here are some other things I wanted to share:

I got a LOT of my hair cut off. Its higher than shoulder length now, and that is the shortest I've had it since the DISASTER of a haircut I got right before I travelled to The British Isles with Chorale the first time (2000). However, I actually like this haircut and it was my decision to go that short!

Congrats to Kerri Burton on her engagement. Another one bites the dust!

Keep me in prayer... I have some reconciliation to do and it is not going to be simple. I can't really go into it, but I've taken the first step, now its just up to the other person to make another step towards me so we can mend this relationship!

I am so ready for the weekend! Tomorrow is payday too! Double bonus!


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