Here are some great pics from the last week or so of Pistons Basketball.

Some pics of "the fight" between McDyess and Garnett.. they were both ejected from that game, and the Pistons won.

Jason Maxiell (below) is in his 2nd year in the NBA (first really playing any amount of minutes) and he's being compared to Charles Barkley in the way he plays. He may just become the next "big thing."


Amanda said…
LOL - I never mocked you for your Pistons obsession! Okay, maybe I did a little bit. We're not really having a party, but Michael's dad is coming over from Chicago. That should be interesting...a huge Bears fan with us two huge Colts fans! I can't wait. I keep meaning to post my pics, but stupid blogger was having "maintenance issues" when I was trying the other day and I just haven't had another chance. You won't even believe that the schools in Fort Wayne are cancelled today...and we had like a huge 2 inches of snow yesterday...OMG, it's unreal around here. 3 people have already called in because...the roads are wet!!!! Oh no!!!! LOL.
You know, I actually pay attention now when my husband is watching ESPN and they're showing highlights of the basketball games. How funny! Thanks Kristen!

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