My kitten is the cute one in the pink sweater. Isn't she precious? Actually, her name is Piston, and she does actually like to watch basketball games. She tries to go after the ball on the TV and after the players (haha just like I would if I was there). She's the best cat ever and loves to cuddle in the morning but the rest of the day couldn't care less about me.
I also wanted to say something about Josh Buck. I was recently made aware of his accident and wanted to say that he is in my prayers, as a family member not only in the family of God, but as a family member from being in Chorale together. That family has been through so much already, I just pray for a speedy recovery for him and more than that God's will in the situation. Please keep Josh and Shelley and the kids in your prayers if you haven't already.


Amanda said…
You are alive! I was kind of wondering. I tried to call you Saturday, but no one was home and your cell phone must have been off cuz I couldn't get that either. Hope you're alright. I went to the Colts game on Sunday and it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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