With all this talk about Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise the last few weeks, I decided to do a little research on this so-called religion Scientology. The following is my opinion and in no way reflects the beliefs of my employer.

Wow. I learned a lot. I learned that these people are crazy. I learned that when asked what their "religion" is all about, they just talk around the subject. When asked questions regarding some of the basic beliefs they have, the lie. I learned that I believe most people who participate in this religion are in it because of their narcissism.

I believe the man who invented Scientology was a narcissist possibly with sociopathic tendencies. I've heard the stories (there are plenty of documentaries on youtube as well). The story goes that L. Ron Hubbard said "you know how you really make money? Intent a religion." And then did so. He seemed to have a serious need for revenge on anyone who slighted him. He was an officer in the US Navy and was relieved of his duties for being "incapable of command." So he had a problem with authority. Okay. So what does he do? Creates a "religion" where people dress up Navy-type uniforms and have an organization called Sea Org which has ships which people serve on. When his book on Dianetics came out, the psychology world ripped it to shreds, saying basically it was crap. So what does he do? As part of his religion, he shuns psychology, even though much of his thoughts are ripped off from early psychologists. Not to mention he actually was a bigamist.

I can't believe anyone falls for this crap. I understand why people have doubts about things like Christianity. Christianity is mostly a question of faith. However, if you believe that your body has alien beings that are causing you to be unsuccessful, and that to obtain "clear" you have to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars, I don't know what to tell you. How does that 10% tithe sound now? To get to a higher level in scientology you have to take "Courses" which do cost money.

I have also seen the way these people act. Not just Tom Cruise. Do a youtube search on Tommy Davis, or even the "church's" leader, David Miscaviage. Former Scientologists have come out and blown the whistles so to speak on these people. I don't know how anyone can be so lost and so soft-headed, they would fall for this.

One of the most outspoken people against Scientology is Jamie DeWolf. He is L. Ron Hubbard's great grandson. And the video below is him, and it is great!


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