Magic Mike Movie Review

Okay I'm not going to be ashamed that I went with some girlfriends to go see Magic Mike. I'm not. Actually I went because it seemed like it would be a funny movie (and I'd get to see some good looking abs at the same time - not going to lie).

I saw this movie, and it was ok. I thought Channing Tatum was amazing. Not only is he great at the comedic dialogue, but the dancing... it was ridiculous. I mean ridiculous in a good way. Man, he can dance! Wow. The women were going crazy in the theater. I thought it was interesting how it showed that men can be used as sex objects and lied to (and honestly hurt) by dishonest women. Women always say men are dogs, but sometimes women are just as bad. I know this because I've met some of these women.

The worst part of this movie was the female lead. She is a newcomer - Cody Horn. Her acting (or lack thereof), was atrocious. She looked brain dead for basically the entire movie. She could not have shown LESS expression in this movie. I hope I never see her in another movie. I'm not even sure she could model, because her eyes and face were dead the whole time. She ruined every scene she was in (In my opinion).

I had never been a Channing Tatum fan (not sure I've ever seen one of his movies) but he was great in this movie. His dance moves... hmmm yes very good! Matthew McConaughey was hilarious. Part of what was so funny was a lot of the making fun of himself ("alright, alright, alright"... and bongos.)

The theater I was in had women waiting in line 45 minutes before this movie. They actually sold out. I've never been in a theater so packed. It was crazy!

Overall its a fun movie. The type that wins MTV movie awards but probably no real awards to speak of.


Deven said…
Yeah.... not so much for me.

Just wanted to let you know it's good to hear from you on here.

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