I really hate when people leave stupid comments on my blog:

I just got this today, and no I won't publish it under whatever post it was posted on, but I will show it for what it is:

You're right. Your coworker had no right to make assumptions about someone who has twice been charged with counts of child molestation, changed his appearance so as to in no way resemble his former self, and who died of a suspected drug overdose. You had every right to chastise her for stating an opinion.

However, it is perfectly acceptable to show the love of Christ to your neighbors by leaving them passive-aggressive notes about taking out their trash. I'm sure the phrase "it's not rocket science" was in no way rude, hurtful or disrespectful and I'm sure it opened many doors for you to show them Christ's love in the future.

Standing up for a deceased person that you don't even know doesn't take much effort, but showing the same respect to those nearest to you does.If you want others to take your messages seriously, consider the other messages you're posting on the very same blog.

As for the first paragraph above:

I did not chastise her for her judgemental opinion. And no, she didn't have the right to judge anyone, and neither do you... whoever you are. No one has the right to judge... it says so in the good book. You aren't God and I'm glad you aren't because you speaking to me in that fashion just shows that you're one of those people who takes themself way too seriously and can't take a joke.

Second paragraph: I Left my neighbors a note instead of talking to them because they stay up all night partying (loudly and disrespectfully.. although having been asked nicely to respect the other people in this place) and aren't awake during the daytime or if they are, they aren't around. So the note was to make sure they got the message. And seriously, who doesn't know how to take out trash? It certainly isn't rocket science. And the fact that you got uptight enough about that just shows that you obviously don't know me and my sense of humor.

Here are a few other things about these neighbors: At least one was on felony probation, recently his probation officer came looking for him to arrest him. I'm pretty confident they were selling and using drugs in their apartment which is only separated by a wall and a vent from my place. I had no proof, so I could not call the police.. since they live next door and I already felt unsafe with them living there... especially with the type of people that they associated with. What else? yes, there's more. Another one was being sought out by Child Protective Services for some reason. I don't know ... all I know is that they have been looking for him and watching over him for some time. Also, I heard the way those guys talked to those kids (with all sorts of expletives) and I understand a little of why. I have gotten up at four in the morning and asked them to be quiet because they woke me.. and anyone that knows me knows I can sleep through ANYTHING. Well, at least I used to think I could.

Before you come down on me, maybe you should think of how you would feel if after asking multiple times for trash to be taken out, and going up to your door with trash in front of it because animals came up the stairs and got into the trash and ripped the bag open. How would you feel after in the summer you came home every day to more and more trash building up outside your door? Believe me, it didn't smell good either.

Third Paragraph: I stand up for things I think deserve to be stood up for. Friends (you can ask many), causes, and I like to keep people in check. Most people don't realize when they are offending others (and I'm sorry, but as much as you might not like it, the MJ subject is a touchy one for many people).

I urge you all to remember a few things. Before you judge anyone for altering their looks through plastic surgery, something they are accused of, or just being "different," think about this: how many women "alter" their appearance with make-up? How many people work out not to stay healthy, but to "look good?" You're not throwing stones are you?

And also, next time you judge someone for something they are accused of.. maybe you can think of a time when someone falsely accused you of something you didn't do. How did that make you feel? I can only think of a few little things that I was accused of that I know I didn't do, and I know that made me feel horrible. I can only imagine if it was something like what MJ was accused of (and found not guilty of for lack of evidence).

One last thing:

People who can't even have the gall to put their real name on a post are really just hiding. I think that is just ridiculous. So many people get on the computer and go to whatever site and post their opinion on things to feel important.. or to show "how right they are." Maybe before posting next time, you can consider that you may not know the person you are coming down on. You don't know their situation. And you certainly have no right telling the person what to do, how to react, or what to post or not to post. I'm just a flat out honest person who likes to make people laugh. Some people may not get this... they may not realize how to take my posts because they don't know me. Know this: This blog was not meant for your eyes then. My friends read this, and I expect no one else to read and understand this blog because even people that know me sometimes don't know how to take me.

Lighten up.


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