John & Kate

I've never seen the show John & Kate plus 8. I had never even heard of it until a few months ago. I've only ever seen clips of it on shows like "The Soup." But somehow, even though I've never wanted to watch this show, these people are constantly on my TV. They need to go away and get off my TV. The media circus needs to stop giving these people airtime.

I do not care about all the negativity going on in these people's lives. I do not want to hear another story about how a man is leaving his wife for casual sex with young women. I do not want to see another man basically abandon his children because he's bored with his life. I do not care who is taking what money out of their bank account. Please take them off our TVs.

Why don't we see more information about the Crisis in Darfur? That is more important than John &Kate. That is more tragic, and has to do with innocent civilians being murdered and raped. There are children being turned into killing machines.

Let's hope that John & Kate go away, and we start to see some real news on our TVs. Otherwise, I challenge you to turn off those shows that glorify these two people who are divorcing. I feel sorry for the kids, but let's face it- their father is more of a child than they are and both of their parents are feeding the media frenzy when they should be tending to their children.

Let's focus on something we may be able to do something about and help. What do you know about Darfur? How can you help? I'm working on letters to people in positions of importance at the UN. You can too. See my link relating to this story to see what more you can do.


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