So, why do people feel the need to insult other people's dogs? I might be a little sensitive to this, but here's what I've heard regarding my (adorable) dog.

"Look at that little dust mop"
"What a furry mut" - I cleaned that one up, because it had bad language included also.
"he needs a haircut"
"he looks like a girl with his hair like that"

Okay.. so my dog is like my child, since I don't have any human babies yet. So, why do people think its okay to insult my dog? Would I go up to someone and tell them their son looked like a girl? Would I tell you your child needs a haircut? Probably not to a complete stranger. And I definitely wouldn't insult the child by calling it a mut or something worse than that... It just really bugs me. I have actually told people that they are rude. I wouldn't do that to you, so don't do that to others!

So yes, my dog's hair is supposed to be long (its a shih tzu, purebred... google it), and yes his hair is in a ponytail, but that is the desired look for shih tzus- male or female. And yes, they are supposed to have long hair (male and female). I keep it long because I think they look weird with short hair and those big eyes. This is my dog (my "child"), my choice.


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