So really how stupid have people become? He's a good story.

So I got some new neighbors. They have been nothing but a problem. For those of you who don't know, I live in a house that was turned into apartments. There are four apartments in the house. Two are upstairs (one being mine) and two are downstairs. My new neighbors are in the other upstairs apartment.

This is how the outside of my place is set up: THe stairs go straight up, and the first door is my door. Then there's a little walkway/porch/landing. Then you walk about three feet and there is the other door.

My new neighbors have had their trash outside their door on the landing for over a week. This disgusts me. Not only is this gross, but WE HAVE TRASH SERVICE. Its literally a walk down the stairs and a 40 foot walk to take trash to the trash can.

So Last night, my disgust had reached a new level, and I left a note on their door saying something like this: "You need to take care of your trash. That is disgusting. We have trash service, use it!"

Not too mean, but authoritative I thought.

Well, this morning I wake up and go to let my dog out, and my note is on my door saying something like this "we will, but please let us know where to put the trash."

Really?! Where? Where do most people put their trash to be picked up by the trash man? Most of the time, in a residential situation I think everyone knows that they come to the curb and pick it up. Well, some people don't have the trash bins, and I understand that. However, about 5 feet from our driveway there is a rather large brown trash bin. Its right next to our house and there is no possible way it could be mistaken to belong to another home.

I wrote back "Its not rocket science, you put it in the trash bin near the road!"

This may seem harsh to some, but let me tell you that this is not the first problem I've had with these people. A few weekends ago they woke me up with their loudness at 4 am. I went over and asked them to keep it down, since it was.. well 4 am. The guy who answered said he'd try. I told him he wouldn't try, he would or I WOULD call the police. He was quiet for a while but woke me up again at six. This time I didn't get up or even call the cops because I was so out of it.

However, for those of you who have never roomed with me or travelled with me, I must say that I'm a pretty hard sleeper. I always have been. I'm not like Micah who could wake up to a turn of a knob. And having been on tour so many times with Chorale, I've also learned to sleep pretty much anywhere.

Anyway, some people at my work said I should have written instructions and a map on how to take out the trash. Lol. I really wish I would have. However, I will call our landlord if the trash is still there when I get home today! The last thing I need is to be taking my dog out late at night and come out to my walkway to a skunk or raccoon going through their garbage.


Deven said…
So?? How'd it turn out?

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