One of my greatest friends in the whole wide world passed away recently. Andrea Dahms was a wonderful friend and woman of God. She was working with the ministry Way of the Cross in Mexico and was killed in a car accident. Her last words were "Praise be to God." I love her so much and miss her greatly every single day. I was so blessed to have known her ... and the hardest thing I've ever done is sing at her memorial service.

I know where she is, and I'm so glad that when I get to Heaven she will be one of the first people to greet me.


I was SHOCKED when my sister sent me an email saying what had happened. I am sorry for your loss and for her family too. Amanda was in my grade in school. They were both great people, always smiling and laughing and cheerful. How awesome about her last words! And like you said, you know she is in a better place in heaven and she will be there to greet you.

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