Its been a long time since I posted, but here is a brief summary of what's going on in my life:

-Mom is doing well.. she was starting her first round of Chemo Yesterday. I haven't talked to her because I figured she'd be super tired. I don't know how it went yet.

-I may have athsma... I need to go to the doctor and find out. It is probably athsma that is allergy enduced. I just have had a horrible time with my allergies this year, and I'm wondering if I am not allergic to my cats.

-Pray for my sister (Jessica)... she's having a rough time. But she did have a second interview at Meijer Yesterday. I don't know how it went, and I don't know why I keep capitalizing yesterday, so don't ask me why.

-I returned to my home church for Easter. It was nice to see a lot of people whom I haven't seen in a long time. I didn't go last Sunday even though there was a pastoral candidate visiting, because of this athsma/allergy issue. Gosh I felt like crap that morning. I couldn't breathe and its getting really old...

Trying to think of anything else... I am not going to be singing karaoke every single weekend anymore. Long story, but I'm just pretty much over it... and the smoke in the place is really starting to get to me.

Nothing else terribly exciting going on. I don't have a thrilling life, for the most part. Just working, and that's kinda boring. If anything exciting happens, I'll let you guys know....


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