Ok.. so I needed to share a few things (and I don't even know who reads this, but I'm going to venture anyway). So... I started reading this book by Joyce Meyer called "The Confident Woman." I got it for free from my former band director because it was an advanced reading copy he got for promotional purposes for his bookstore. Well, since I've been giving plasma, I found that the time goes by much faster and easier if I read a book. Well, this book talks about living boldly and without fear. God said in His Word 365 times "Do not fear." I think he really meant it. Anyway... this book is making me realize how much fear can run ones life. To be very honest, I'm starting to believe that fear is the reason that I haven't attempted to start my Master's yet. I really, really, want to... but financially it is a problem.

Well, God has been putting this on my heart lately. I feel like the reason I'm not finding a job is that he wants me to do this (Or at least wants to make sure that I know he wants me to do this). I'm very scared about the whole thing (I know, God said, Do Not Fear).

Anyway, on my way back from donating plasma and reading that book, I stopped in to see a friend (for lack of better words). This "friend" means the world to me. We started talking and I was telling him all these things. He asked me if that was what I was thinking about doing. I told him I'm not sure. He made me some food (a girls gotta eat after giving plasma), and said he had gotten a movie that was reccommended to him and wondered if I wanted to stick around and watch it. I had never seen this movie, so I said yes.

This movie is called "Facing the Giants." He told me it was a football movie, but it was much more than that. This movie is as some people might say a "Jesus Movie," or an inspirational film. I highly suggest that you rent or buy it and watch it. You will not regret it.

Well, of course, we were both crying during the movie, but it had such a great message and it completely went along with all the things the book I am reading has been saying, and a lot of the things I have been feeling. I felt like it was divine intervention.

Then on Sunday, I had volunteered to help out a church choir in Hastings for their Easter offering. The woman who called me is in the community choir that I am in. She has been talking to me and encouraging me about my gift (music, if you weren't sure). She's been encouraging me to continue my education lately. I've also told her that one thing I'm worried about is keeping my car, because if I lose my car, I won't be able to find a job OR go to school (or even give plasma for that matter). Well, I can tell God is up to something, because she told me to let her know when my next car payment is due, and she wants to help me with it. She made sure to tell me that it was not a loan, that she would be giving the money to me. How , you say , are you so sure that this is of the Lord? Well, my car payment is due this week. And I don't have all the money to pay it because my unemployment benefits ran out last week.

Now all I have to do is put my pride aside and take her up on her offer. Oh, did I mention that without me telling her what's been going on she also offered to help me with my tuition if I go back to school? I long for the day that I will be able to help people in that way when God leads me to.


It's amazing how God works!!!
Anonymous said…
One teeny, tiny nitpick from someone who truly "donates" plasma to the Red Cross. If you are selling your plasma it is not a donation.
Kristen said…
Okay Holier than thou anonymous, how nice of you to point it out. But that is even how Biolife refers to the process.. they call it a donation. So I'm sorry that I am not as good as you seem to think you are and I do it because I also receive money. I have no job, and I have a college degree, and living in Michigan it is difficult to even find a job even if one does have a Bachelor's Degree. So don't leave comments on my blog saying that you're one who "truly" donates plasma just because they pay me for it. It still is used to help people. Do not come on here with your holier than thou comments on my blog, because I will railroad you, and throw you under the bus, and you won't know what to do, and if you're going to be like that, don't even bother reading this blog. Forget you have ever heard of it.

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