So Thanksgiving rocked! I had so much fun hanging with my family and what not. We had endless laughs and fun playing this card game called "screw your neighbor," then we played my dvd game "shout about movies," and that rocked too. I always have so much fun hanging out with my family, especially my uncle tim. he's so awesome.

Anyway- the day before thanksgiving I called Mr. Big and all was fine... until when we were getting ready to hang up and I told him Happy thanksgiving and then he said the same to me... and it was the way he said it, and the inflection of his voice that nearly made me cry... and it was probably because I was PMSing or something, but I couldn't believe it myself.

Okay, so anyway, the day after thanksgiving, i went shopping with my mom and picked up some awesome deals. No one got trampled, and i didn't end up having to punch anyone. it was kinda uneventful really.

this weekend has been great... i'm so glad that i've gotten to relax, so i can go back to work and make a bunch of money.

In a few weeks we have our big office party and I'm so excited. Its going to rock.

I can't think of what else i wanted to write... oh and for those of you who may be wondering about Mr. Big... someone asked me the other day what the big idea is... the secret about his identity.... well, the secret is that I am not ready to call what we have by any certain name yet, because I don't know what is going on. I don't want to have to tell everyone that I'm seeing someone if we aren't on the same page... which is entirely possible. I don't know exactly what we're doing here, but I'm patient, and I'm not rushing into anything because I have to make sure I take care of myself first.

I have nothing else to say... nothing that really needs to be said. I'm off!


Sniper said…
Of course I remember you! How did you stumble across my blog?

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