Do you ever think that some people just always have to have a boyfriend or girlfriend? I think that some people are like that. To me, its sorta pathetic. If you're defined by whether or not you have a boyfriend, or you think that is how your identity is defined... how sad is that? I mean, I wish that I had a boyfriend- but I don't think that me not having one defines who I am... Oh well... too bad for those people.

Why are men so infuriating?! Just curious. I have a friend... any "smelly" things... like Lotion, body splash, or perfume...smell bad to him. Well, today he said to me "You smell today... not smell, but... new hairspray?" I thought, "shut it" and chose not to answer. He can kiss my butt.

I am watching (for the first time ever) Bridget Jones' Diary, and I am liking it. It is easy to relate to... at least for me at this moment in my life.

I'm done now.


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