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Children's Mucinex

I received a free sample of this to review. My opinions are strictly my own. I tried this with my little guy. Within a few days he felt better and his cough was gone. It definitely makes me want to not only keep using this product, but try the adult products. Definitely a wonderful value and works great! And he said his favorite was the "Strawberry kind" which means he liked the taste too! 

I received this as a free sample from They are currently looking for MEN! Please click the link for more info! 

Smiley 360


I got a free sample from smiley 360 of Orajel. I get free samples in return for my honest opinion.

I got this free sample of orajel. It came with moisturizer. That was my favorite part. The moisturizer is really important to me. I like the idea of moisturizing after completely trying out your skin. That was my favorite part.

Smiley 360 Orajel

I got this free sample from smiley 360 just the other day. I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but I encourage you all to join smiley 360. You get free samples just to get to try them and share your honest opinion on the products! Copy this or click the link for more info:

Smiley 360

If you haven't heard of Smiley 360 yet, well, I'm here to tell you about it. I love this site. I take surveys then I get samples of things for free, to try out and review.  The more missions I do and I do successfully, the chances of me getting approved for another mission go up. I have found a wonderful brand of toothpaste thanks to this site, and I'm hoping for many more opportunities to find awesome things. They also many times send along coupons for your future purchase of the item you are sampling. I have included a link on my blog here to get to it, just click on smiley 360 below to join. It's easy, you don't have to give any credit card information away, you just register.

Some of the things I've gotten for free to try are as follows:

Tazo Chai Tea
Arm and Hammer Toothpaste
Children's Sugar Free Advil
5 Hour Energy

So if you are interested, hop on over to the site and check it out! Copy this into your url or click the smil…

Tazo Chai Tea

I got some free samples from Smiley 360 for Tazo Chai tea. It came with free samples and some bonus coupons to buy some more.  I really liked the vanilla caramel, but with my coupons I got the pumpkin spice, and I really liked that even more. And I'm not one of those people who go crazy over pumpkin spice flavored everything. 
I am looking forward to trying the other samples (chocolate and regular chai) but I have been enjoying the pumpkin spice the last few days. 
If you are looking for more information please click here:

5 Hour Energy

I got a free sample of the Pink Lemonade 5 Hour Energy from Smiley 360. Although the sample was free, my opinion is purely my own, honest opinion.

I was surprised at how good the pink lemonade tasted. It was just like drinking regular lemonade. I drank it before I went to go hit some softballs and felt like it definitely gave me energy to go longer and harder than a normal practice.

I'm also really happy that they are donating to Living Beyond Breast Cancer, which is a great organization. I love this organization because both my Grandma and my Aunt Kathie are both breast cancer survivors.  I raise my 5 hour energy drink and toast to them because they are so inspiring to me! I nominate my Aunt Kathie to nominate someone to toast to in your life! #5hourgoespink

For more info click here:

Here is my 5 hour goes pink selfie:

Smiley 360 - Arm and Hammer Reviews

I received a few products from Smiley 360 and I would like to share my reviews here. I had a great experience with the Truly Radiant products! I love the toothpaste and am on the lookout for some good deals on it now! My opinions are my own and are not influenced because I got them as a free sample.

Truly Radiant Spinbrush:

 I really like this toothbrush. I'm used to using manual brushes so using this was a nice upgrade. I like how clean my teeth feel after using this toothbrush. It is also a more affordable option than getting a high end electric toothbrush. The only thing I dont like is that there's no real easy way to store it. If you keep it standing up, it falls over easily. I'm looking forward to seeing if this makes a difference at my next dental check up.
Truly Radiant Toothpaste:

This is my new favorite toothpaste. After about a week of using this, I began to get compliments on how white my teeth looked and was actually asked if I had whitened my teeth! I have used …

New Tablet Case

I got a tablet a few months ago. I bought a case initially and the case was not impressive. Not only was it the wrong color (it looked different on the pic on ebay), but it didn't let me stand my tablet up vertically and horizontally. The one I got today is really pretty and awesome, because it protects my tablet, and it looks sweet! I got it from a seller known as AmbiTronic, and you can find them on ebay. I think you can also find them on amazon and, but I'm not sure, as that's not where I purchased mine from. They shipped it really fast, and I also love the product. It's much better than the one I had before. And I got it for only about $10 including shipping.