Mucinex Clear & cool Review

I received a free sample of Mucinex Clear & cool for my honest feedback. This is through Smiley360. Side note - sign up, Smiley360 is awesome.

I couldn't have received this at a better time. I started to have a really bad cough and terrible sore throat. I started using this. Now, be warned, the taste is VERY Strong. It is cooling, but for me, the taste was very strong. It is minty, which is better than fruity cough syrup, in my opinion. It immediately relieved my sore throat. I did need to keep taking it about every 4 hrs as it says on the bottle.

This helped me get over my cold or whatever was coming on pretty quickly. My sore throat went away within a few days, it helped with my cough, and helped me be able to sleep. The strong taste is a small price to pay for relief. I would definitely recommend using this the next time you have a cold that you can't shake. And especially for a sore throat because it helped pretty much immediately.

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