Good Men

Are there any good men left? Not just men, but good men?

This is why I ask:

Last night I was minding my own little business when a guy I went to HS with messaged me. I never really associated with him in HS, and don't know much about him really. He started asking me questions like "Would you have gone out with me if I had asked in HS," and stuff like that. I didn't want to be mean (because No, I wouldn't have), so I tried to be diplomatic about it. Then he asked me if I was single. I thought this was odd, because I knew for a fact he was married and had a baby, because I had spoken to his mother (not realizing who she was) last summer.

So it proceeded to get creepier.... he said if we were both single, that he'd take me out, because I was "looking good" and that he wished we were both single. Apparently I had no say in the matter. He would take me out if we were both single, whether I wanted to or not!

He asked me if I wanted to see a photo of him. Now this was on Facebook.. So i can see his profile pic. He looked pretty much the same as in high school only bigger. I said I can see your profile pic. He then said "I can send you other pics." Right away I know where this is going. Creepy guy on facebook wants to show me "other pics," which I am definitely not interested in seeing. I tell him I'm not interested in seeing any kind of pictures of a married man. He proceeds to pressure me. After he wouldn't stop I blocked him.

What is wrong with people these days? I understand that the passion and romance fades in a relationship. But what about trying to send dirty pictures to someone who isn't your wife is going to fix that? This creeper is just lucky I didn't instantly screenshot our conversation and send it to his wife.

I'm starting to lose hope. I'm starting to lose hope that I will ever find a man worth a damn (sorry for the language, but it gets the point across). What about me makes men think they can treat me this way? I see other people - my friends - not get treated this way. I think I carry myself rather confidently in the midst of whatever insecurities I do have. I don't feel like I act like a person who can be easily victimized because I don't take that kind of crap from people.

Are there any men who will just try to get to know you without trying to get into your pants first? I've had 3 attached men (2 married, one with a gf) attempt to be inappropriate with me or hit on me in the past week. JUST IN THE PAST WEEK. I've gone so far as to say "yes I have a boyfriend." They don't care. They still attempt to use me for whatever temporary need they need to have fulfilled at the moment.

Is it too much to ask to have someone who truly cares about me?  Who cares about my feelings, goals, thoughts, beliefs and struggles?

Yes, I have friends. One of my best, closest friends is a man. However, he gives me no insight to why this might be happening to me. Maybe I just need to be more selective about who I friend on FB. I already am..I usually do not add someone unless I actually know them or knew them at one point. Perhaps that's not enough.

This whole thing just makes me feel gross, and have little hope for any future I have with any man.

Oh, and this guy who did all this CLAIMED to be a Christian. Ha!!!


Deven said…
Ugh. What a creep.
Kristen said…
Yeah... that's why he got blocked!!! I feel sorry for him, actually.

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